Mentorship Program

pass the torch

Do you consider yourself a light worker?  Do you feel you have a psychic ability or strong intuition?  You just KNOW things?  Are you ready to take that next step instead of simply reading books or taking a workshop to learn about “the Spirit world”?  Then this might be what you are looking for!!

Mentorship is a safe space created for you to deepen your spirituality, work on your own personal healing and growth as well as to open up to the magic of the Universe and deepen your own intuitive/psychic abilities.  To that end, these classes are designed to build off of one another, so we all start at the beginning.

Is it time for you to focus a little more on yourself without neglecting others in your life?  While this asks you to commit to meeting in person every other week, I guarantee you it is MORE than worth it!  This is a development class, a healing journey and a support group and those who are here take it seriously while having fun all at the same time!  Its truly like no other program!  Are you ready to join this sisterhood?


Level 1:

What you will learn:

Review of basic terminology the “clairs” 

Intro to divination tools


Limiting Beliefs – uncover yours and discover techniques to help change them

Enhance Your Intuition

Shadow Self Work (level 1)

This is a 1 year program that meets every other week plus one “gathering” each month.  You will also be automatically added to a private online group for support, Q&A in between our meetings.  In addition I will post videos and offer “live” mini meetings to further guide and assist you.  

Program fee for the year:  $900 (monthly payments accepted) cash only.  All fees are non refundable.

Level II:

Intro to crystal healing

Deeper work into metaphysical tools

Working with Gods/Goddesses/Angels and Ascended Masters

Working with your Spirit Guides

Learn about creating sacred space/ceremony

Shadow Self Work (level 2)

Mirror Work

Deeper Meditation Work

Astrology and Feng Shui

This is a 12 month program that takes you deeper into the mysteries of yourself as well as the Universe.  Must have completed Level I to be eligible for this program.  All benefits of level I apply (private group, extra gathering class, etc).

Program fee:  $1000 (monthly payments accepted with a 3 month deposit) cash only.  All payments are non refundable.

Level III:

For those interested in continuing, this is a mastery level and more will be required of you.  Homework will be given out in a more structured way.

Participation in creating opening prayer/ceremonies.  

Working with the Wheel of the Year and the Four Directions/Elements.

Shadow Self Work (level 3)

Empowering strategies to walk your authentic path

Program is 12 months and all of the above applies (gatherings, access to private groups, etc).  

Program fee $1200 (monthly payments with a 3 month deposit) cash only.  All payments non refundable.


My name is Marie
I am leaving this feedback for all of you out there who are looking or needing healing & guidance. Keri is the real deal,A TRUE LIGHT TO ALL & she is a well rounded “real”person with your well-being as her top priority who truly is here to help you on your journey in many aspects.she is Truly enlightening!!
She has been a teacher, a mentor & a friend to me for over 3 years now & I whole-heartedly reccommend her. I have also been reiki certified as a reiki practioner by her & she has opened my eyes & brought me clarity to my own gifts & a better understanding of myself. A true angelic being of light! I have been bringing friends to her angel readings for years now & all who have gone to see her have recieved healing in some way & have returned to to her again & again. You have nothing to lose just alot to gain from her help.
Love you Keri!! 😘💞🙏 namaste & i cant thank you enough xo im so blessed to have met you!