Online Courses and Ordering

Below are the latest offerings available online for your convenience!  offered via private Facebook groups.  That’s right — now you can enjoy courses from the comfort of your own home!   Simply contact me via Facebook (if you email me from this site I may not receive it — working to fix) or call me directly at 203-506-8822.


ONLINE Classes:

Meditating with the Archangels — this course runs for 4 weeks with 2 live meditations each week! We chatted in 2017 about the archangels, now expand into connecting to and establishing/deepening a relationship with them!
Live meditations will be Tuesdays 7pm and Saturday 10am beginning January 16th and running through February 10th.
$40 for the entire course!

Limiting Beliefs — this class is a one day only class and is part of the Mentorship program I offer. This will give you the ways to identify and change your own limiting belief patterns! You made a resolution, or set an intention, now its time to change your patterns so you can manifest that into reality! Friday 1/12 7pm 

Feng Shui and the Chinese New Year – my annual class is now offered online! We will review the Bagua Map and how to apply it in your own home as well as discussing the Chinese New Year, its customs and what it means to switch into an Earth element and year of the Dog. How will this affect you? Sign up today and let’s talk! Thursday January 25th 7pm




Other Services:

Choose from the following and select your purchase at bottom of page from paypal button.  

Distance Reiki:  If you are selecting Distance Reiki, please include a day/time that you will be most able to sit and relax (if possible) and allow this session to work to its optimum.  I will do my best to sync my schedule with yours –  please know Reiki will work regardless.  A confirmation email will be sent.

You can also choose one of the following for EMAILED readings:

Monthly Emailed Reading:

 – Receive a 3 card reading in your email at the start of each and every month!  Allow the angels and Keri’s intuitive abilities give you the guidance and messages that can help you traverse the month ahead!

You can choose 3 months, 6 months or 12 months — an entire year’s worth of monthly 3 card readings sent straight to YOU!   Your monthly 3 card reading will be sent to your email at the start of each month.

One time 3 Card Reading –  If you are in need of some guidance and want a quick reading, this is the option for you.  I will pull 3 cards from an angel/oracle card deck as well as channel any information from your guides, the angels, ascended masters, etc.  and email the reading directly to your inbox.

12 month reading – Popular during the New Year Season, but offered at any time of the year.  Receive guidance and messages on each month of the coming year.  These are popular both in person and online!  This is an in depth reading, so it is usually an hour long, though it can go longer depending on how your year is looking and how many messages you are needing!  This can be emailed (highly recommended) but can also be done via phone.

Phone readings are offered at a discount to the in person readings.  You will not receive a “lesser” reading from me, you will simply enjoy the discount and full reading from your home!  Phone readings are offered in 30 or 60 minute increments.

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