Schedule of Events & Classes

   All workshops/classes, unless otherwise noted, are all held at The Healing Loft.

 Some things to note:

***The Healing Loft is located on the second floor in a private home.  Therefore, no address will be posted on this site.  You will receive directions once your class/appointment time is confirmed.  

For more details, see “appointment info” link on home page.  

***Allergy Alert:  The Healing Loft is  in a private home with a dog.   It is a NON smoking home.  Dog will not be present in The Healing Loft during class/appointment times.

Please be mindful of others:    ***   Out of respect for all, IF YOU ARE ILL (EVEN IF COMING DOWN WITH OR RECOVERING FROM) YOU ARE ASKED TO REMAIN HOME.  You will be asked to leave if you appear ill so please stay home, get well and you will be given a refund if you prepaid OR you will be allowed to attend a future workshop — your choice.  


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Local Appearances:

There are no local appearances scheduled at this time.

Ongoing Classes:

For Lightworker’s Mentorship ~ This special ongoing education and support is undergoing a face lift.  Details can be found under “Services” page.  


 Current Events/Classes/Workshops at The Healing Loft:

 Shadow Self Healing – This is not your average class.  This is for those who are ready to look at and do some healing work on their “shadow” side.   What exactly IS your shadow self?  Its the part of you that holds all the uncomfortable things that make it able for you to deal with life on a daily basis.  The part that may, say, hold the hurt from a past relationship, or perhaps the anger of never feeling heard.  We ALL have a shadow side.  And we can heal her wounds and more fully be in touch with our true selves.  

If you have been blocked, experiencing the same or similar patterns for years and asking yourself “why does this always happen to me” or “will I ever be able to get past this” then this work will be able to help you gain insight into this lesson and help you to begin to heal.  

This is an intensive 3 class  course to help you release and heal long held emotions/situations/limiting beliefs that you are ready to let go of and is often done in a one on one session.  Groups are welcome if you choose.  

Investment for all three classes:  $150 cash please

Call Keri to schedule 203-506-8822


GALLERY READINGS ARE BACK!!  Yes, I am again offering gallery style readings for up to  12 people.  So bring your friend and come on in!  Everyone leaves with a message, be it from a beloved family member, your guide or an angel.  I always ask for messages for your highest good and so in keeping the group to a maximum number will allow for everyone to receive the message they most need!  RSVP required.  Fee:  $40 cash please

February 23rd

April 27th

June 29th


Please note that gallery BEGINS at 7pm so be sure to arrive 10-15 min beforehand.  Thank you for your co-operation.



Practicing Readings with the Oracle Cards:

In this class, as in similar classes of the past here, we will be setting up sacred space and spend some time really getting to know your decks and allowing for readings and messages to be delivered.  The only way past your fears and blocks  is to practice!  I have over 10 years experience reading oracle decks and will share my tips with you.  This is always a popular and fun class so RSVP early!

Contact Keri to schedule — one on one or for a group!


Reiki 1 Certification Class:

Are you ready to begin your reiki journey by learning the basics of reiki?  In this class you will learn the history of reiki, begin to cover the chakras (what they are and why they matter)  and learn how to do a self treatment to work on your own healing.  Learn to understand why you need to be a clear “channel” or “vessel” before continuing on to the next level of reiki and before working to assist others on their healing journey.

Fee:  $150    includes workshop, attunement, practice time, class manual and Certificate 

 Reiki II Certification Class

In this class we will delve a bit deeper into the chakras; you will also be introduced to “add on” or complimentary healing energies (such as sound or crystal healing),  learn how to give a reiki treatment to others and how to set up a practice of your own.


Fee:  $250    includes workshop, attunement, practice time, class material and Certificate

Reiki Share (for my reiki students):

You have asked, and its finally here!!  This is finally the time to set aside to practice what you have learned!  You will be able to offer reiki in a safe space where you are free to ask questions and allow yourself to gain a deeper connection to working with this energy.  RSVP is a must.  Wear comfy clothes as all will have the opportunity to receive as well as give.

 Fee:  $20







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  1. Susan says:

    How do i get a 3 card pull

    • admin says:

      Please go to “online ordering” and scroll down to find your choice and click on Pay Now. Once paypal notifies me of your payment I will email you confirmation and instructions. Very simple!! Thank you Susan!

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