In accordance with law, these readings are for entertainment purposes only.
Although readings are a wonderful source of guidance and inspiration, they are not meant as a substitute for professional care, legal or medical, and are not intended to cure or diagnose any condition. (please consult your health care provider).  Any energy healing session should be viewed as the same, although they can, and often do, aide one’s own healing and support what you and your doctor are doing for your health ~ you should never stop your current medication or treatment without consulting your physician.

 ***  For your convenience, you may  order any of our readings or distance reiki services online.  Please visit the “Online Ordering” page to make your selection and payment. 

All appointments in person will be confirmed the day before and directions will be given out only at that time.


If you need to cancel, or reschedule, your appointment please give 24 hrs. notice.  Otherwise your credit card will be charged for your appointment with the exception of illness.

***If you are ill (or are just getting over illness of any kind) please reschedule your appointment.  Thank you.


Mediumship and Angel Intuitive/Psychic Readings:

Keri, being certified as an Angel Channeler/Medium/Card Reader and a Usui Reiki Master, uses her abilities to deliver any divine messages meant for her clients.  As many do, You may come with questions and Keri will be happy to ask the Angels on your behalf and as many times happens, the Angels tend to address the actual core issue at hand that one may not be aware of  in order to help you on your way.

Please know that while messages tend to be what we need to hear as opposed to what we wish to hear, they are always given with your highest good in mind and always with Divine Love.  No matter where you find yourself today, the Angels love you and wish to assist you in discovering/reigniting your true purpose, assist in your healing and most of all, help in finding your connection to Peace and Divine Love.

And for all mediumship readings, we must be open to whoever is ready and is in most need to step forward and come through at the time you are sitting with Keri.  We can ask for a certain loved one to step forward, but it is their choice and that choice will be honored.  Like the Angels, there are many ways our loved ones can, and often do, communicate with us.  Keri will help you understand and recognize those communications.

30 min.  $60                  60 min.  $100

Readings are available in person, via email  or over the phone.




Spiritual Guidance — Are you feeling overwhelmed or stuck?  Experiencing life changes or in need of making changes?  Just in need to talk it out, to gain some clarity and receive some intuitive guidance?  Come in and enjoy a non- judgmental environment with true listening and compassion along with some suggestions that really can help you.  Spirit Guides and Angels are channeled during sessions.

Sessions are 60 min.  $100


 An Evening With the Angels and Spirit!     This is my version of a gallery style reading (think John Edward).  I include letting you know if I see any angels around you, deliver any message they may have for you as well as if any departed loved ones come through for you.   Check the Schedule of Events page for current dates…usually offered on an every other month basis at The Healing Loft!  Depending on how many attend, usually lasts 1-2 hrs.

$50 per person


GROUP/HOUSE “ANGEL” PARTIES:  Do you have a group of friends/family who would like to attend together?  Gather up your tribe of up to 12 people max and come to The Healing Loft where you will enjoy one of two types of Angel Parties.  You can choose one of the following:

The first is an intuitive/psychic/angel card reading where you and your guests will enjoy some angelic guidance.  You are free to ask questions to gain greater insight.  These readings are between 15-20 min in length and are $25 per guest.  There is a minimum of 8 guests for a private group party.

The second is if your guests are wanting more of a mediumship reading (connecting to departed loved ones).  If this is the case, please notify Keri when scheduling your party.  This must be done in advance.  Readings in this case will be 30 min MAX  for $50 per guest.  The number of readings will be limited, see Keri for more details.

Keri is not traveling at this time so all house parties are held at The Healing Loft.


Reiki/Energy/Sound Healing Sessions:

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that utilizes  universal life force energy to assist in healing on multiple levels ~ emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.  Reiki is both powerful and very gentle at the same time.

You can expect to feel completely relaxed and safe during your session.  You will lay completely clothed on a massage table with calming music playing softly.  Often Keri includes other energy healing modalities (such as crystals or sound therapy/tuning forks) to deepen your healing.  As always, she allows Spirit to guide her.  In each session you may experience a wide range of things — from warmth to a “tingling” sensation, emotions may surface for release and healing, a wonderful sense of peace may wash over you, you may even fall asleep.  During your session, it is common for Keri to begin “seeing” and “hearing” messages for you.  Please know this is all for your highest healing and so she will share whatever comes up for you at the end of your session, unless you wish otherwise.

During this amazing and beautiful time of great healing and change on our planet, it is really quite beneficial to receive an energy healing session.  All first time clients receive a 10% discount on their first session.

30 min. session  $50               60 min. session  $75

To schedule appointments call 203-506-8822 or see contact link.

If you need to cancel, or reschedule, your appointment please give 24 hrs. notice.  Otherwise your credit card will be charged for your appointment unless your are ill.

*** If you are ill (or are just getting over illness of any kind) please reschedule your appointment.  Thank you.


Light Worker’s Mentorship:

pass the torch


This is an ONGOING group that meets every other week where like minded people gathering to support one another on a journey of self discovery, personal healing and a deepening knowledge and awareness of your own abilities.  While it is so much more than developing your own intuition and psychic abilities, it is the area of most interest for those just joining.

To that end, these classes are designed to build off of one another, so we all start at the beginning.  We cover more basic information first (what is a psychic, medium, what are the Clairs, what are my own abilities, limiting beliefs, meditation, chakras, etc) and we build on things from there.  We cover shadow self work, personal development, and the space to develop our psychic abilities (card readings, automatic writing, channeling/mediumship, etc).  From there we continue to work on ourselves and our own growth, healing and development.  We learn to work with crystals, oracle cards, energy, meditation, our own intuition, etc.

Do you consider yourself a light worker?  Do you feel you have a psychic ability or strong intuition?  You just KNOW things?  Are you ready to take that next step instead of simply reading books or taking a workshop to learn about “the Spirit world”?  Then this might be what you are looking for!!

For more details contact Keri.  There is a  monthly fee of $75 that covers 2 to 3 in person classes each month, as well as online support DAILY.  In some instances, there may be additional fees for some classes for things such as extra materials.

Is it time for you to focus a little more on yourself without neglecting others in your life?  While this asks you to commit to meeting in person every other week, I guarantee you it is MORE than worth it!  This is a development class, a healing journey and a support group and those who are here take it seriously.  If you feel you cannot commit, see our list of workshops and other classes offered, that may be a better fit for you.  If there is a class not listed currently, contact Keri to see what is coming up, and she is always happy to add your topic to the schedule, time permitting.



  Please see detailed information under Schedule of Events page for a list of current workshops/classes offered.   RSVP is a must for all classes.



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  1. Barb says:

    Hi Keri

    I am interested in the Lightworker Mentorship. I was in a development circle which recently came to a close and I am still learning. I was starting to open up when it came to an end. I would like to know what time you meet on Saturdays and is there an opening? I met you recently (At the Soul Light Expo) And really loved your energy!

    • admin says:

      Hi Barb – I am so sorry for the very late response to you. Most of my emails via website are spam and so are filtered out — this was part of that filter. I am so very sorry! Please call me if you are still interested in Mentorship or have any other questions for me. 203-506-8822 Have a beautiful day – Keri

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