My name is Marie
I am leaving this feedback for all of you out there who are looking or needing healing & guidance. Keri is the real deal,A TRUE LIGHT TO ALL & she is a well rounded “real”person with your well-being as her top priority who truly is here to help you on your journey in many aspects.she is Truly enlightening!!
She has been a teacher, a mentor & a friend to me for over 3 years now & I whole-heartedly reccommend her. I have also been reiki certified as a reiki practioner by her & she has opened my eyes & brought me clarity to my own gifts & a better understanding of myself. A true angelic being of light! I have been bringing friends to her angel readings for years now & all who have gone to see her have recieved healing in some way & have returned to to her again & again. You have nothing to lose just alot to gain from her help.
Love you Keri!! 😘💞🙏 namaste & i cant thank you enough xo im so blessed to have met you!


“I first met Keri at a friends house for an Angel Card reading three years ago. Her words and insight from that experience continue to resonate with me. When I purchased my first home soon after that, I had Keri come to do a house blessing. It was a most wonderful experience! I was able to connect with my home on a deep level as we blessed every corner. It was cleansing and protecting not only for my home and property, but my personal space as well. And she taught me how to continue the process, which has been so helpful to keeping my home full of clear, positive energy.
Most recently though, Keri has been an even more special blessing in my life. This summer I found myself struggling with many aspects of my life in a way I had never experienced. While I have an amazing group of friends, I simply could not expect them to really help me through this troubled time (other than by offering emotional support, of course).
So I called Keri. I am still amazed at how her guidance and insight was able to set me at ease and catapult me in a positive direction on my life’s journey. At this crossroads in my life, I could not have the clear head and heart that I do if not for Keri. She is truly gifted and I encourage everyone to see for themselves just how she can enhance your life.” Hillary M. Branford, CT.

“Keri is intuitive, insightful, gentle, kind and caring. You feel loved when you are in her company. The guidance is always spot on and delivered in such a wonderful way. The spiritual growth I have received from her Mentorship Classes has been invaluable. I cannot say enough positive things about her readings with the Angels which are delivered with such compassion and insight! I am grateful that Keri shares her voice and her wonderful gifts.”  Karen W, Milford CT.  

After years of walking my spiritual journey with seemingly little earthly support, I am so grateful to have found an amazing place filled with like-minded people and new opportunities to grow.  My first experience at The Healing Loft was about two years ago at one of Keri’s guided meditations and I have been a regular ever since!  Now a member of one of her ongoing mentorship groups, I don’t have enough room here to list all the ways in which my life has improved because of all the healing and learning we have shared.  Keri is an amazing teacher with much to offer—whether you are just discovering your spiritual side or are interested in healing and to opening up on deeper levels.  The variety of classes offered here have helped  broaden my understanding of spiritual practices such as Feng Shui and receiving angelic messages.  Thanks to Keri and the wonderful people she works with, The Healing Loft has been just that for me—a safe place to explore my psychic gifts while feeling supported in its healing and encouraging environment.   The Healing Loft is also a wonderful resource for spiritually-minded gifts such as house or office blessing kits, healing stones, incense, and oracle card decks.  I was able to purchase many meaningful Christmas gifts for my loved ones this year thanks to the reasonable prices!  ~ Melanie U, Wallingford, CT.  

I went to an ” Angel Session” with a friend of mine to see if I could possibly reach out to my recent deceased grandfather who was like a father to me. Not only was I able to connect with him and speak with him, but we were also able to reach out and communicate to my grandfathers son who disappeared and was later found dead near 30 years ago. We were able to find out that he was okay and were even able to get an idea of what happened to him. I was very emotional during this reading and communication but Keri was so sensitive and understanding and truly helped me find closure with my grandfather. I even discovered my archangels Michael, Gabriel, & Uriel and learned to call upon them. I will never forget this experience and I hope a tarot reading is in my future with Keri. – Tiffany W  Fairfield, CT

I have known Keri for many years, and call on her regularly for guidance with life’s ups and downs.  She is a gifted intuitive reader, who has the ability to connect with the angelic and spirit realm, in order to find answers to questions.  Her readings are accurate and provide clarity for me, especially when I need to make important decisions.  Keri is also a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and offers relaxing healing sessions.  I have attended several of Keri’s workshops on meditation and Feng Shui, which were very enlightening and inspiring.  I continue to use the information I learn from Keri, on a daily basis, to improve my own health and create abundance for my business.  Thank you Keri!   ~ Margaret Taylor, Orange, CT

Keri is not only a dynamic force to be reckoned with; she is someone I turn to for Divine guidance.  Since May 2012, Keri has helped me move from client to colleague-facilitating in opening my own spiritual “doors.” It has been through her accurate and loving guidance channeled from the Divine that I have openly embraced my Life’s Purpose.  Whether it’s guidance, healing, or a “check in” with the angels and spirit, Keri’s authentic self comes from the truth found from our universal creator, Ascended Masters and the angelic realm. ~ Jennifer C ,  Milford, CT

 I came to Keri during a major transition in my life, and it was truly a divine experience to receive her counsel from my spiritual support team.  With her clear messages, caring heart, and help, I received wonderful guidance from my angels.  I wouldn’t hesitate to come to her again. ~Laura G,  New Haven, CT

Keri is truly blessed with God’s gift of angelic communication.  There were so many things going on in my life when I reached out to Keri for some guidance.  As always, she calmed my soul and began to pull a few cards.  One of them was Archangel Michael on a horse in a Lavender Field.  Keri said she saw me and my pup Lola in a lavender field and actually sent me a picture of the card she pulled.  Well as it turned out, a few days later, I was offered the opportunity to visit and harvest at a lavender field I am now associated with and started my own business.  Summer Sweet Alchemy.  Keri was so accurate she was able to help channel the name of the business.  To be short and sweet, I was standing in the lavender field she saw three days after she told me I would be and now have my own business.  Wow!  I am blessed to have her in my life as I know you will feel the same once you connect to my beautifully gifted dear friend Keri.  Namaste. ~ Lynn B.  California

Keri is a compassionate soul, which is the reason her healing work is so effective – healing happens on a heart to heart basis.  Keri seems to have a knack for working in the outer layers of my energy field, removing blockages before they “settle in” and cause trouble.  I always look forward to sessions with Keri because our discussions tend to be nearly as therapeutic as the energy healing! I highly recommend a session with her to anyone who feels they are a bit off balance.  ~TB,  Ansonia, CT

I didn’t know how many psychic gifts I had until I took Keri’s classes.  Not only did she teach me numerous tools to access my higher knowing and communicate with God’s angels, but she also helped me build my confidence.  I can’t wait to learn more skills–and meet up with a supportive group of fabulous people–every month. ~Laura G,  New Haven, CT

“Keri is amazing in her connection with the angels! During readings and reiki sessions the information relayed is always insightful and healing. She is fun to work with and I always recommend her to my friends and family”.  ~ Jasmine G,  Southbury, CT

Keri is a gifted intuitive who is very passionate and genuine about her abilities. Excellent reader! Highly recommend! ~ Lifedancer,  Beacon Falls, CT

I met Keri when I took an adult education course on Angle Oracle cards. I had been searching for answers to questions that others just didn’t seem to understand what i meant. With Keri’s experience and good natured personality, I began to understand the things I was experiencing were not my imagination but confirmations and answers to my questions. I just needed to learn how to listen. She taught me to trust the messages I receive and how to continue to grow in my spiritual path. I am a much calmer, less anxious and happier person. I enjoy the variety of classes offered at The Healing Loft with my favorite being the Angel gallery. I suggest that class for first timers. Another very good reading is the yearly reading where the next year is summarized by month. I look back at my notes and for months gone by I am amazed by the accuracy so far and am excited for the remaining months to unfold. Don’t get me wrong, there has been healing work I needed and continue but had I not met Keri, I would still be a very confused and nervous person. I recommend to anyone with an open mind to go to some of the classes offered. You will won’t be disappointed.  ~ Lorraine, Shelton, CT.  


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